30 April 2008

why i don't eat breakfast

is 9:15 a.m. too early to justify eating lunch?

this is why i don't eat breakfast on a regular basis. i ate something this morning. now i'm starving. and i'll be starving all morning. however, if i don't eat breakfast i can make it until 1 or 2 p.m. without wanting anything to eat.

bizarre? yes. surprising? not in the least.

24 April 2008

stupid things i have done today

1.) locked my keys in my apartment, requiring my roommate to come home from work to let me in and causing me to leave for work 45 minutes late on a morning where i had a meeting first thing.
2.) through various reasons, ended up getting only six out of the twelve articles i was supposed to pick up from NIH, none of which was the main article that our medical director has needed for the past three weeks.
3.) left a hard-boiled egg in the freezer section of the minifridge at work too long, so that half of it was frozen by the time i got it out. and the shell stuck to the ice in the freezer.
4.) dropped the right earbud from my headphones into my glass of water...and didn't notice for several minutes.

it's just been one of those days.

23 April 2008

while on hold with the Maryland Transportation Authority...

"...remember, there's no winner in a collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian or bicycle. in the state of maryland, over 100 pedestrians are killed each year by motor vehicles. please, always remember to stop fully for pedestrians in crosswalks...

they couldn't just play elevator music like everybody else, could they?

why i miss college

me: "i brought chicken and rice, an apple, and an egg for lunch."
mary: "hmm. i ate oreos and a cheese stick from pizza hut."

21 April 2008


you know what's annoying?

having your unemployment rate go up 15% because one of your employees (who is currently in jail, mind you) drew unemployment for three months while he was actively working as a drug dealer.

08 April 2008

why my job is odd: case #237

they've drawn engineering diagrams in sharpie marker on the windows in my office. do they not realize that this is why we buy paper?

life, or something closely resembling it

recents events/activities/thoughts, in no particular order:

- watched the ncaa championship game last night with some friends. since the tarheels choked on saturday, i didn't really care who won. i followed my SOP of not paying any attention until the last five minutes of the game, which works well. then i fell asleep during overtime. a die-hard sports fan i am not.

- i'm quite excited for baseball. i really need to look up to see when the braves are in town again.
but i don't really care who's playing; i just love baseball.

- i have my first meeting with my graduate advisor today. i have several concerns i want to talk to him about, namely:
1.) can you get a masters degree in american history and still get into a u.k. doctoral program?
2.) if i switch my concentration from american to modern european, can i get a job with an american history type museum if i decide not to do doctoral work in the u.k.?
3.) if i do modern european and don't go to the u.k., can i switch back to american for my doctorate?
4.) since what i really care about is 20th century history, will they let me do a combination of modern european and modern american for my concentration?
5.) if i don't write a thesis (i don't have to b/c of my six credit applied history internship), can i get into cambridge?
6.) will i be certified as insane if i write a thesis when i don't have to?

it should be quite the meeting.

- i'm planning on teaching again next year. a few weeks ago i started the interview process with a private school near where i'll be going to grad school. they have an open 7th and 8th grade history position, which is perfect for me. i don't really want to teach high school again, and i have no desire to teach in the public schools again (for various reason, the major one being that i don't want to go through the hassle of getting my pennsylvania license changed to a virginia license). i have several friends who graduated from this school, go to church with several of the faculty members, it's five minutes from my high school, etc. so i'm pretty familiar with it. my interview went great, and the lesson i taught to a 7th grade class went fantastically. yet i still haven't heard back. i was supposed to hear back last thursday. it is not 10a.m. on tuesday. this is not a good sign, and i am not happy. i was really counting on getting this job. but the other day i found forty-nine other private schools in the n. virginia area where i would be interested in teaching. surely one of them needs a history teacher.

- i think i'm going to move to london when i finish my masters degree. i fell in love with the city when i visited there two years ago, and what's to stop me? there's a few private american-curriculum high schools there that i will try to teach at. which is why i'm going back to teaching next year - you need at least three years experience to teach at these places.

- i saw leatherheads last weekend. i really liked it, and not just because it stars my future husband.

- carol anne stayed with me last weekend b/c our parents were in south carolina for a family reunion. she basically slept the whole weekend. and ate. and watched t.v. oh, to be seventeen again...

- we think we're going to rent a house next year. the roommates' uncle is getting remarried and wants someone to rent his house who a) will not destroy it, and b) won't disturb the retirees next door. he's putting it on the market until the end of may (our 60 days notice), but if he doesn't sell it, it's ours. i'm super-excited. it's not much bigger than i current place square-footage-wise, but the space is better organized. it's got the same number of rooms that we have now, plus a finished off basement. it'll be nice to have a yard and no loud neighbors. i'm just not looking forward to moving the piano.

- loud neighbors. we are surrounded by extremely loud people. over the course of the past eight months, most of our neighbors have moved and been replaced. so there is noise constantly, day and night. tv's, people arguing, music, running around upstairs. and my personal favorite, one of the few who hasn't moved, Electric Guitar at 1am Man.

- the lady downstairs. she is the best. she has loud parties all weekend, plays music all the time (last night "lady marmelade" was thumping for a very long time), and keeps darcy up all night having sex with her boyfriend. (quote of the year from darcy: [early on a sunday morning] "i don't know who the neighbor is dating, but i know his name is johnny.") YET, and this made me angry, darcy and emily were practicing kickboxing for 15 minutes at 7PM - 7! not late at night, 7 - and she started banging on the ceiling with a broom handle. she better not start doing it when i'm there, or i'll play "heart and soul" on the piano for two hours. don't think i won't.

- 80s clothing. i'm going to a concert of an 80s cover band this weekend with the girls, and i can't wait. i've already got most of the outfit: sparkly legwarmers, fishnets, black tube skirt, sparkly off-the-shoulder sweater, big belt, and ginormous earrings that i stole from my mother. and, of course, we will see the return of the glitter rose shoes. all i need is some hot pink leggings and i'll be set. wal-mart here i come.

- salvation army. as a result of this 80s clothing hunt, i have rediscovered my love of the salvation army. i'm never buying new furniture again. the salvo in annandale has gorgeous furniture.

- gas prices are killing me. i drive 120 miles round-trip to work every day. not good. other than that, i like work. i've been taking some international business classes online for work through the marine corps university, and i love them. it really gives me better insight into american immigration patterns and native responses to such, because you can see the effects that the different cultural elements, especially communication, had on the immigrant populations when they tried to integrate into us culture. yeah, i'm a dork.

i warned you there was no order to any of this.

traffic fun

i have officially become one of those people whose lives revolve around traffic patterns on I-66.

03 April 2008

slightly morbid

today i learned something new:

you can buy caskets at costco. both standard and expediated. also urns, both human and pet. it begs the question: if you do decide to save the $400 by buying a standard shipped casket, does that mean you have to store it in the garage until you die? you could certainly scare the bejeebers out of people at halloween. (on that note, we had some neighbors in california who got really into halloween and used a coffin as a decoration. we always wondered how they explained it to the moving company.)

seriously. not kidding.

there's something wrong when you can buy a coffin, dvd players, fish tanks, and ten pound containers of pretzels all in the same store.

i wonder if you have to buy them in bulk.