19 June 2009


brownie and a cookie for breakfast. super wicked awesome or mind-numbingly pathetic?

17 June 2009

it's like driving a sherman tank

i am in north carolina for the week. i was given the duty of bringing my grandma home after carol's graduation and staying with her until saturday, when i'll drive her to the beach. tomorrow i'm driving my grandfather to visit his sister. two hours away. on curvy mountain roads.

in a 1989 crown victoria.

and then on the way home, he wants to visit the cheese factory where you get to see how they make cheese.

my life is so bizarre.

10 June 2009

in which we enter the world of resume exaggeration

began my museum internship today. learned a few things.

checking bug traps = pest control monitoring
putting out humidity/temperature monitors = launching the climate control notification system

should be an interesting summer...

09 June 2009

smart boy

online conversation between my sister and her boyfriend after he spent the weekend with her at our parents' house:

cameron: "i was pondering on the way home that you have one of the most intimidating sets of parents on the face of the earth"
mary: "daddy's not too bad"
cameron: "until you realize he knows every possible way to kill you"
cameron: "and the means to do so"

and how to hide the body, too, bucko...

[fortunately, we all like cameron (despite the fact that our grandmother threatened to beat him up if he didn't let her buy him lunch), so the potential for his elimination is fairly slim.]

08 June 2009


my goal for the evening: grade spanish tests.
the problem with this: i don't speak spanish.

welcome to my life...

06 June 2009

from my sister

"i successfully finished high school. i went home. and i took a nap.
carpe diem."

me too, carol. me too.

hooray for not having to teach another class until september!!!