29 November 2005

orchesis and band dorks

back at school...sigh.

i had a lovely time at home over thanksgiving. i slept a lot, watched a lot of tv, and actually got a fair bit of work done. i saw two very good movies (rent and walk the line) with two old friends, one from high school and one from (good lord) elementary school. thanksgiving was good. we ate with some old navy friends. i always like getting together with them, because mr. swauger is one of the few people not related to him that my dad genuinely gets along with. and i got to see part of the bondathon on spike tv. made me happy.

it's now orchesis week. therefore life is crazy. but fun.

tonight was light-up night and the christmas parade. my last time doing marching band, ever. so very, very weird. it's been such a huge part of my life for so long. it's strange for it to be over so abruptly. yes i realize that this makes me an extreme band dork. i don't care.

16 November 2005

crazy suite

operation christmas child: where i get to watch my roommate attempt (a little unsuccessfully) to nicely wrap a shoebox with 99 cent wrapping paper, all the while yelling at my suitemate to stop playing with the toys, specifically the slinky, before she breaks them.

what an evening.

15 November 2005

thoughts during lunch

anne and i made an observation the other day:

the army song is about the strength of the army.
the air force song is about the glory of the air force.
the coast guard song is about the valor of the coast guard.
the marines hymn is about the duty and honor of the marines.

anchors aweigh is about drinking.

this should tell us something. it also explains a lot.

14 November 2005


i do not want my friends to graduate early. today caitlin finally got her pins from the costume shop, and gave back all the ones she had stolen. and i realized for the first time exactly how many memories i share with one e.t.g., iii. i find it bitingly ironic that the song which came up on my playlist as i write this is "taps". so, before i get too emotional and start crying, i will end with this:

caitlin and trey: i am going to miss you. very, very much.

why does life have to change?

13 November 2005


titles of the books i am currently using for research:

eastern europe in the twentieth century - and after
the new political geography of eastern europe

and my personal favorite:

ethnic continuity in the carpatho-danubian area


although i have learned that the most important piece of moldovan folk music is about three shepherds and a magical ewe. sounds like something travis would write.

10 November 2005


today's headline: "runaway ostrich tramples car"

round two

it is still show week.

as a result, i have spent the past several days:

* watching a harpsichord get crunched
* painting marching band spats with flat gray wall paint
* sorting through the 1939-1947 TAP scrapbook
* safety-pinning
* forcing chris into eyeliner
* making six foot tall dummies stuffed with pillows and pink tulle
* staring at a five-gallon bucket of purple dye and wishing i had something else to dye in it
* wanting a beer

yesterday mrs. craig said she wants rachel to have a "dainty hanky". we're going to staple lace to a kleenex.

major barbara opens tonight. you should come see it.

08 November 2005

and so it begins...

it is now officially show week.

so far i have managed to dye a purple map of the nile river down my left arm.

this is not a good sign.

07 November 2005

strange friends

i say that i've got a huge exam that i won't be able to finish in time. this is how my friends respond:

SandCait: I tell you what, a bunch of us will dress up in EMS outfits, and you can have a nervous breakdown, and push a button on a chain around your neck and yell "I've broken down and I can't get restarted!" and we will come blowing in and haul you off on our shoulders.


i am studying until the fat lady sings, the cows come home, and niagara falls...or until i fall asleep fully clothed on top of my computer.

05 November 2005

strange profs

over the course of the past few years, i've developed the habit of writing down weird things my professors say in the margins of my notebooks. i was looking through some of them this week, and i have come to the conclusion that my professors are crazy.

"it didn't used to be a competition. in the 70s, we just threw the frisbee on the quad with the smell of pot in the background and the sound of the greatful dead blaring from somebody's dorm room window" ~ dr. gordon

"i wish there was a slippery rock gay men's chorus. i'd go up and ask them if they'd take a little straight guy. it'd be great because it would really piss off the dean." ~ dr. gordon

"calling it "a good divorce' is like saying 'a good case of syphillis'." ~ dr. campbell

"it's like saying 'cats can eat oatmeal, but my little boy one time had a skateboard'." ~ dr. campbell

but dr. kengor, hands down, wins the prize for saying wacky things in class:

"the next few lectures are very boring, so if you feel like skipping, that's fine...i'll probably skip myself."

"the government's like a drunken sailor...you don't let him guard the booze cabinet!"

"you want a dessert? take out some ice, squirt cantaloupe juice on it, and lick it."

"i was going to get myself arrested and thrown in cuban jail. then you guys could protest and act like typical left-wing college students."

"why can israel have nucs but sadaam can't? because israel's not nuts. nobody cares if they have a few bombs and everybody cares if a screwball does."

"yeah, me and bobby went into his dad's gun cabinet and got the shotgun shells, then took them out to the back porch and were beating them with a hammer...when you have kids, take your sons and just tie them up."

"baseball season is over and there's nothing on tv. i had to watch virginia tech trounce boston college. it really gets depressing when football season's over and then you're left with hockey and basketball...it's enough to make you slit your wrists."

"i'm not going into great detail on this, because i find it very boring."

"if you've got a citizenry who are miserable and on the verge of revolt, don't take their booze away from them - then they'll really be ticked."

"i read an article about a russian vodka drinking contest. the winner died."

do normal schools have professors like this?