23 July 2007

busy summer

over the course of the past few weeks i:

1) moved back to the d.c. area
2) started a new job
3) entered about 1.2 bazillion medical journal articles into a database
4) took a trip to nyc
5) bought lots of new furniture
6) begun to refinish said furniture
7) reconnected with friends from high school
8) went to the beach
9) read harry potter

over the course of the next few weeks i will:

1) finish the furniture
2) apply for a bunch of other jobs
3) move into my first real apartment
4) have to change my address all over again
5) officially buy my car
6) take a trip to charlotte
7) enter another .8 bazillion articles

as a result, i haven't had much time to write. hopefully i will have time to expand on a few of these items in the next few days.

17 July 2007

memories of the set shop

at my new job, i am in charge of putting all the articles from medical journals that we have collected into a computer database.

i just entered one entitled, "life-threatening nail gun injuries".


it made me think of berkey.

04 July 2007

things that make me happy

1.) holidays.

i think it's safe to say that the 4th of july is my favorite holiday. i don't really know why; it just is. there's just something i love about a day where the entire country takes off work, invites over friends, bar-b-ques stuff, eats watermelon, and then goes to watch fireworks after dark. i will admit that i'm an overly patriotic person, which probably has a lot to do with it. i grew up in the military culture - you don't really have a choice. i mean, i love sitting through the three hour, 105 degree in the shade, independence day parade in d.c. i could watch the july 4th concerts done by the national symphony and the boston pops all day. i can even for just this one day endure the sickeningly smarmy lyrics of "proud to be an american" without wanting to hurl. it's the same reason why i spent four years in college studying US history and still am not tired of the subject. i was thinking about this yesterday while watching movies, because i realized that my favorite movie scene is probably the one in the sandlot where the kids are playing baseball under the lights of the fireworks to ray charles' version of "america the beautiful".

2.) vacations.

i had a great time at the beach. i slept a lot, read a lot (see #3), and ate a lot. it was wonderful. and i managed to make it the whole week without getting really sunburned.

3.) the stephanie plum series.

i am absolutely addicted to janet evanovich's books. they are hilarious and great mysteries at the same time. i want to marry joe morelli.

4.) washing machines.

i'm in the process of washing most of my clothes to get the "mothballs and really old house" smell out of them, and it's taken me all day. (literally.) so i'm very thankful that i'm not having to do all of this by hand.