29 January 2008

the state of apartment #13, bedroom #2

the GRE is eating my soul and sucking away my will to live.

and i'm sick.

i get my life back thursday afternoon. hopefully.

of course this would be the response of the venerated mr. cherry...

Auto response from eirelady: my feet are cold. i have to study for the GRE. yeah, i'm not liking life so much right now.
Cap'tMannix: Put on socks. Then just declare you know everything you need to for the GRE.


15 January 2008

an open letter

dear credit card companies,

if i did not respond to the first thirty-seven letters you sent offering a new card, zero interest, bonus points, and a free car wash, what makes you think i am going to respond to letter number thirty-eight?

please stop killing the trees.


08 January 2008

slightly disheartening

going to the gym makes me depressed. why? because no matter how much you go or how hard you work, you will always have to go back. over and over again.

for the rest of your life.


04 January 2008

little known fact

at 3:17 on friday afternoon, time actually slows down.

really. not joking.

03 January 2008

varied and assorted reasons why i haven't really had time to update lately

1.) the GRE.

this is the bane of my existence. i hate it. very, very, very much. i have been "studying" for it since about october, but sometime last week it hit me that i have to take it fairly soon, so now i've started worrying about it. and obsessively trying to memorize vocab and remember 8th grade math. unfortunately, i get the feeling that this is going to be like finals at college, where no matter how much i studied, i still felt unprepared. what's worse, anytime i'm not studying, i feel guilty about it. at least this particular offshoot of my normal insanity will go away after january 31st.

2.) wedding planning.

not mine. one of my best friends since middle school. she's getting married next august and i'm the wedding coordinator. which is time consuming. but i love doing this. if it didn't require evening and weekend work, i would do it professionally. (i'm quite attached to a guaranteed 9-5 work schedule.)

3.) christmas.

we spent a week in north carolina. it was lovely. i've really missed it there, especially being around my family. i got to see lots and lots of relations and ate lots and lots of food. i also drove up to grandfather mountain and got some more stuff for my uniform for the pipe band.

4.) other travel.

i went to lancaster for the leathermanzullo wedding. it was, in a word, classy. the whole thing was so very, very chic from start to finish. i thought it was beautiful. i loved the decorations and the use of black and white as the colors. (i did not, however, love the hangover i got the next day. it wasn't fair - i wasn't even buzzed, yet i still had a hangover. that's what i get for drinking a glass of wine.) and it was wonderful seeing everyone again. travis has decided to plan a fake wedding for the summer, just so we have an excuse to get together.

5.) general laziness.

i've been sleeping a lot lately. oh well.

why my job is odd: case #478

we work with men who are referred to within the company as nothing but crazy pete, psycho dave, and tom the alien.