30 June 2010

been dealing with the system a long time

me: "last time i wasn't on the base access list, so today i'm not only bringing printed copies of the entire email chain between my recruiter and the access control officer AND my printed patient appointment log, but i have highlighted them both to emphasize the important information showing that they need to let me through that gate this morning."

meredith: "you are a bureaucratic rock star."

29 June 2010


20 full push-ups!

what's been amazing about this isn't this particular accomplishment. it's the fact that the second you (if you're a girl) mentions that you're trying to do push-ups, every male in your life will have advice on the best way to do them, train for them, do more of them, etc. they will come out of the woodwork to tell you how to do them better. it doesn't matter if they are a person who looks like the last time he did a push-up was for the presidential fitness test in the 5th grade. he's immediately a world expert. i'm getting emails, advice at bbq's, discussing it on hiking trips. my students are even sending me facebook messages about it, all with helpful hints.

don't get me wrong. i'm certainly not complaining. i just find it amusing (and, i'll admit it, pretty cute too). and some of the advice has been really helpful. the ironic thing is that the best advice has come from my father, who didn't attempt to fix my form, training methods, or exercise plan. he told me about the tricks that surface nukes (aka. the navy's geek brigade) use to survive push-up day. in his words, "i am an expert at passing physical fitness tests, without actually being physically fit." apparently you need to do as many as possible before you have to breathe. this method does wonders. and if you do them fast enough, they'll never notice (or care) that you're not actually going as far down as you're supposed to.

my father is a genius.

on an slightly related side note, tomorrow i get to spend the whole day at bethesda, trying to convince a whole group of navy doctors that my various genetic and childhood medical issues aren't going to keep me from being able to make power points.

21 June 2010

get fit or die

i've got about three weeks before i have to be able to do 20 push-ups. right now i'm at 10.

i'm going to do this if it kills me.

10 June 2010

class trips

you haven't really lived until you've spent two weeks at the beach with teenagers.