21 December 2006


i did, in fact, make it.

i have survived through to the christmas holidays, and i am quite relieved that i get to spend the next week and a half thinking about anything and everything but u.s. history lesson plans.

19 December 2006

the last stretch

it is 10:11 am, 19 december 2006

i am free at 11:30 am, 20 december 2006.

no more kids, overhead projectors, tardy slips, or cafeteria trays for 12 days.

i just have to make it 24 hours and 19 minutes.


17 December 2006

christmas decoration mandate

there is a disturbing new trend in the realm of christmas decorations:

blue poinsettias

these items are white poinsettias which are sprayed blue. they typically also have some form of silver glitter sprayed on the leaves. they have been quite popular this holiday season, at least in the area in which i am currently residing. i do not know who spread the rumor that this was a good idea, and that it would improve the overall christmas look of your home/church, but they have succeeded in convincing the far too many people that it is so. i would like to hold on to the hope that this bit of yuletide spirit has not spread to the rest of the country, but as britney spears album sales and ugg boots have proven, bad taste knows no geographic boundaries.

so, if you have been thinking of purchasing said poinsettia, don't.

they are tacky.
there is nothing about them that is not tacky.
there is no way you could possibly redeem them to be anything less than horrendously tacky.

thank you.

16 December 2006


it is 72 degrees outside.

i love it.

obsession confirmed

i bought myself a christmas present.

all 11 seasons of M*A*S*H on DVD. and the M*A*S*H movie.

i am happy, happy, happy. a little obsessed, perhaps, but still happy. here's the thing. i would eventually want all 11 seasons anyway, so why not buy them in one set and save $300.

07 December 2006

day that will live in infamy...

Happy Pearl Harbor Day!

(yes, i know i'm a dork.)

(i don't care.)

03 December 2006

another observation

tonight as i listened to the radio on my way home, i was really struck by the power of the memories that are evoked by music. it is rare for me to hear a song and not have some memory come flooding back. sometimes it's just random thoughts and images loosely associated with my past, but most of the time there is something specific that the music evokes.

sometimes they are old. elvis' "santa bring my baby back to me" takes me back to elementary school and many years of decorating the christmas tree after picking my dad up from his ship on the days he got back from six month deployments. "american pie" is riding in the car with my dad, listening to the oldies station as he hauled me back and forth to ballet lessons in california. i remember giggling with my cousins as we listened to the yellow polka dot bikini song.

sometimes they are newer. "drops of jupiter" will always remind me of the 11th grade. "come on over" is cosmic bowling after high school football games when i was 17. "closing time" is sitting in my high school set shop, goofing off with my friends and a boy who i knew wasn't perfect, but didn't care.

and the ones from college are endless. "ignition" is the street dance sophomore year. "dancing queen" is a combination of odd choreography and a myriad of marching band rehearsals. "thriller" will forever be orchesis. and then there's the immortal "addicted to you", the anthem of freshman year and the tune that was belted through the halls of ffn-mep side, much to the chagrin of RA's and grover-esque hallmates. (this is what they get for putting multiple theatre/music people on one hall.)

tonight was no exception. "sleigh ride" sent me right back to high school band, "when the sun goes down" made me think of the marines i worked with two summers ago, and "la vie boheme" brought back condo weekends, road trips, theatre rehearsals, the makeup room, and a host of people who i miss very much.

the point is, i have very few memories that aren't tied to music in some way. and i love the fact that i can hear a song that i haven't heard in awhile, and it will make me think of some facet of my life that i haven't thought of in a very long time. and it makes me smile.

a few assorted thoughts

to the churro:

yes, your used-to-be roommate is, in fact, going to the gym on a regular basis. 4-5 times a week, actually. running between 1 and 2 miles a day, weight training, and spending much time on the elliptical machine. what happened? she has to fork over $40 a month to be a member of the gym, so darn it, she is going to get her money's worth, even if it kills her.

i still eat a ridiculous amount of cheez-its and chocolate, though, so all is still right with the world.

tonight i got a chance to reconnect with good friends over IM. this makes me happy.

this brings me to something i've been thinking about recently. i feel like i am completely losing touch with all my friends from school, particularly theatre people. all of us use IM very rarely, we're not sitting through five hour rehearsals together, and we're all extremely busy (i blame this on the large number of law schools which have claimed my friends), so my primary means of keeping up with people is via blog-stalking. i really don't like this. does anybody else feel like this, or am i just crazy?