22 September 2009

why i'm glad i wasn't in charge of the boys during the high school reatreat...

[in front of the boys' cabin after lights out]

me: "how are things going over here?"
male chaperone: "well...this side of the cabin is beating each other up and that side of the cabin is making each other drink out of the toilet. so yeah, we're doing great."

14 September 2009

my life is a study in sleep deprivation

real life is back in full swing and i'm starting to remember why i became a hermit last year.

my summer at the museum was amazing; i really didn't want to come back. but so far the school year is off to a fairly uneventful start. teaching two AP classes plus three other classes is a TON of work, but hasn't gotten overwhelming. it helps that i have everything done for my standard level u.s. history and u.s. government classes.

grad school is going way better this semester than in the past. i'm taking museum studies, which has been a fantastic class so far, and reconstruction, which isn't my favorite time period, but the professor is awesome. there isn't going to be a ridiculous amount of work - no major research paper involving thirty sources from five different college libraries!! - just a ridiculous amount of reading. no one should EVER be allowed to write a 700 page history monograph, particularly not about the reconstruction. but, most exciting thing of the semester, i figured out that the faculty parking lots right next to my building open to general permits at 6, meaning that i don't have to walk twenty minutes to get to my car. amazing!!

this week should be a whirlwind of craziness. i'm going on the high school retreat with my kids from wednesday - friday, and then to the retreat with my church from friday - sunday. and before that happens, i need to plan three days worth of lessons, read two books, and finish my AP u.s. history syllabus. sigh...adulthood is really overrated sometimes...