29 November 2006

innoculation fun

yesterday i went to the doctor. i needed them to sign my health form from work. one of those, "hmm...you're alive. let me sign your paper," moments. in and out, 20 minutes.


two and a half hours surrounded by extreme white trash and annoying children.

and they gave me a shot. tetanus. granted, i haven't had one since pre-school, and it would be pretty important were i to get in a car wreck, or stabbed by a rusty nail, or captured by that creepy dude from the saw movies. but still, i didn't want a shot.

and now i can't life my arm higher than my shoulder.

(on a side note, my half the students in my advanced class didn't know what "innoculation" means. they are seventeen years old. sheesh.)

28 November 2006

why i love...

...living in north carolina:

it is the end of november.

it is sixty degrees outside.

it is 7:30pm and i totally just left the gym wearing a t-shirt and mesh running pants.

and i wasn't cold.

wicked awesome.

27 November 2006

post-turkey day

weekend was fun, albeit hectic. saw the family, ate a lot. the wedding was typical of my family, complete with panic attacks, lost stuff, failure to launch, and a rendition of the Camp Anawana theme song.

will elaborate more later when i'm not at school.

22 November 2006

side comment

so on the radio this morning, they were talking about how the gay community had threatened to boycott wal-mart because they were not active enough in their cause, so wal-mart ended up spending many thousands of dollars joining one of the activist groups. now i am not in any way passing any sort of judgement, or making any kind of statement, regarding the morality of whether or not wal-mart should have joined this group. frankly, i don't care. what i am doing is questioning the common sense of their decision. because here's the thing:

none of the gays i know will shop at wal-mart in the first place. they think it's tacky.

just a thought.

life is beautiful

today: teacher workday = much happiness --> there are no kids so i can sort, organize, stack, and file to my little obsessive-compulsive heart's content
tomorrow: turkey day!!
friday & saturday: wedding madness
sunday: relaxing alllll day

life doesn't get much better than that.

(unless, of course, i was driving the batmobile and living in a corona commercial, but that's beside the point.)

so they finally gave me my computer back. i have decided that i like the socially-retarded high school computer geeks better than the bitter and cynical engineering major college computer geeks, because the high school version gave me my computer back without wiping my hard drive. what a concept.

and now for the exciting news!!! i officially have my first job in the post-college theatre world. i am designing and making the costumes for the local community theatre's performance of the nutcracker and i am ecstatic. last night as i was sketching mice in uniform, it hit me how much i've missed theatre. i mean, of course i miss my friends like crazy, but i hadn't realized how much i miss the actual theatre work itself. the only problem is that i only have two weeks to put the show together. hooray for well-stocked costume shops and community theatre where you can make people go buy their own stuff.

ok, i'm going to go grade some papers or sort some files or something. or maybe i'll just wander around and talk to the other teachers wandering around cause they don't want to do work either.

18 November 2006

a note of explanation

i thought maybe i should explain the cousins.

i have cousins who are quadruplets. four babies, one time. two boys, two girls. three at n.c. state, one at unc. visiting raleigh involves seeing many cousins.

happy feet

cutest. movie. ever.

no lie.

i want a baby penguin who tap dances.

i'm currently at unc, sitting in my cousin's girlfriend's apartment. for the first time in awhile, i feel very, very old. this is a weird feeling. i went out to the movie with another cousin and various assorted friends of hers, all of whom are juniors in college. the whole theater was filled with college students from unc and duke.

they looked really young.

and i felt old. strange. i think i've finally adjusted to this whole "adulthood" thing. it feels strange to be on a college campus with college age people. nobody mentioned car payments, or rent, or new furniture, or insurance bills, or job problems. they didn't have a care in the world. i don't know how i feel about this. it really hit me that a huge chapter of my life is officially over, and i will never be able to go back to that. even if i go to grad school, it won't ever be the same. adulthood is such a tricky thing. i miss college, but at the same time would never want to go back.

17 November 2006

another step into adulthood

this morning i made the conscious decision to not eat a brownie for breakfast.

sigh...this makes me sad.

i'm off to raleigh this weekend to see the n.c.state v. carolina football game and to spend time with muchos cousins.

14 November 2006

a severe lack of motivation...

...has suddenly overtaken my life.

i'm at school right now, and instead of a) planning lessons, b) making photocopies, 3) finishing attendance paperwork, or d) watching a documentary to make a study guide, i am reading blogs. it's just one of those mornings. i hadn't realized how long it's been since i've written anything.

i'm currently sitting in the library, because the hard drive on my school computer crashed last week and i haven't seen it since. it's very similar to the situation at grove city where computers would disappear behind the TLC Door of Doom and you wouldn't see them again until they wiped your hard drive and you gave them one of your kidneys. except here it's even worse, because you have to surrender your computer to a fifteen-year-old with acne problems and no social skills. not a fun situation.

the situation is not as bad as it could be, though, because i had nothing saved on my computer. i developed this habit at college. due to the computer failure vibes that emanated from somewhere deep within the grove city campus (i personally blame it on the bitterness coming from the fit-well people because nobody considered them "real professors" - i mean, really, how hard could it be to get a phd in p.e.?), i went through four hard drives while at school. as a result of this, i don't trust computers. so i don't let them keep any of my files.

this weekend was enjoyable, but stressful. i went to d.c. to visit my parents. i spent a lot of time in the car. two 400 mile treks between VA and NC, and multiple 3 hour round trip drives into falls church will really take a lot out of you. and out of your gas tank. ugh. this was made even more fun because the traffic on thursday was horrendous because of the holiday weekend, the traffic on friday was horrendous because they shut the HOV lanes on 95 down to let the president get to quantico for the marine museum dedication, and the traffic on sunday was horrendous because of the weekend and a ridiculously large amount of rain. my question is, why could the president not have just flown? his helicopter lives at quantico, for pete's sake. despite all the time in the car, i did have good time.

we didn't really do anything all weekend. i wanted to see carol's marching band, but they ended up not marching their show. i was disappointed, because i wanted to see it. they did the music from newsies, which is one of my favorite musicals. on saturday i finally saw sin city, which i have been meaning to see for a year. it was a really, really good movie. i loved the whole look of it, with the cartoon-esque backgrounds and the isolated color. for some reason, it reminded me of dick tracey.

i guess i'll go get something accomplished now. maybe actually do what they pay me for.

03 November 2006


"How could you have gotten Abraham Lincoln and the Virgin Mary confused?!?!"

this was the quote of the day.

the context involved my third period and a conversation about religious images found in toast.

we were supposed to be talking about economic developments during the roaring twenties.

oh, friday...

02 November 2006

things they don't tell you about...

...in education classes.

such as when a 300 lb linebacker does a full rendition of "harper valley pta" in your third period class.