17 March 2010


the horde of extremely drunk, very loud, tone deaf st. paddy's revelers outside my window are singing n*sync. awesome.

yet another thing to add to the list

got the official word yesterday that my school is shutting down at the end of this school year. we just don't have enough students to get the money we need to keep paying our rent, and every year enrollment keeps dropping. that's the problem with small schools: the smaller you get, the harder it becomes to get more students because people are afraid the school will end up closing. which is exactly what happened. i'm not as upset as i thought i would be; i'm mainly just sad for my juniors. although we are going on their senior trip this year (meaning that i get to spend three weeks at the beach in june) and we're setting up a dual-enrollment program for the community college so they can still graduate from the same school.

so, i'm now job hunting. again. i can't put into words how much i hate this process, particularly when it involves dealing with the every-annoying usajobs website and the stupid hiring regulations of the federal government. specifically the fact that a computer screens your resume before an actual person sees it. sigh...

but i have one potential lead which may pan out into something really awesome. we shall see.