27 March 2008

goofy moment of the day

actual conversation between me and a customer service guy in california.

me: "I need to order a replacement radiation detection badge."
guy: "Why?"
me: "One of our employees destroyed his this morning."
guy: "What happened to it?"


me: "He accidentally flushed it down the toilet."

i made his day.

25 March 2008

22 March 2008


i am now officially a grad student.

heaven help me.

20 March 2008

dull job

and the official Most Bored Woman on the Eastern Seaboard is...

the lady answering the phone at the State of Maryland Office of the Comptroller

19 March 2008

food of the moment

i am in love with frozen green beans.

and jim halpert. (yes, i realize he's not a food, or technically a real person, but i feel the need to point out my devotion once again.)

17 March 2008

st pat's

i have leprechaun socks!!

if i was at all able to figure out how to put photos on here, i would post a picture.