16 August 2007

fun fact of the day

after two weeks in the apartment and three trips to the gym, i have come to the following conclusion:

i am living in the elephant graveyard for unattractive middle-aged divorced men.

15 August 2007

this is unreal

look at this site.

http://www.iwanexstudio.com/ (click on "portfolio", then on the individual celebrity pictures.)

this is a website for a photo retouching studio. when you click on the celebrities, it shows the retouched photos. when you roll the mouse over the pictures, it shows the original photos, and the difference is unbelieveable. i feel much better about myself after looking at the "before" picture of beyonce. i wish i had a staff of graphic design majors to make me look like barbie in all my pictures.

13 August 2007


it makes me sad that everyone is quitting blogging. one by one, they are dropping like flies. i realize that we have all become adults with car payments and rent and spouses and grad school, and therefore don't have time for it anymore (i, for one, haven't really done a real post in months), but i'm going to miss clicking down my list of links to see what everyone is up to. i really feel cut off from a lot of my school friends, and blogs were the main way that i felt like i was able to connect with people. at this point, if it wasn't for facebook, i would have lost track of a lot of good friends. i hate the fact that we are all so spread out and it is so hard to get together. i guess it's a good thing that there are so many weddings.

i'm going to try to keep mine up. this isn't because i think that millions of loyal readers will be disappointed. in fact, i'm not even sure if anyone but my grandma and KB ever read it. well, them and a couple of random people in poland. the thing is that i actually enjoy writing it. once i find the time to sit down and do it. i love writing down funny things that happen, because i would never remember them otherwise. and this is really the only creative outlet i have anymore (if this really counts as "creative"). plus i just love to write. i'm realizing that more and more as time goes on. so even if i'm just shooting out random thoughts and ramblings into the empty void that is the internet, i don't really care.

but i'm going to miss everyone.

cool job

i think i'd like to be the pilot of the goodyear blimp.

that is all.

06 August 2007

greetings from the procrastination center of the universe

new goal:

purchase and send wedding presents before the wedding in question has occurred.

also, it should probably worry me that i had to resist the urge to use the pre-written "Happy Bar Mitzvah" gift card message.