30 October 2009

quotes of the day...

[while looking at a map of alaska] "wait!! there's ROADS up there!!?!"

sarah: "who is james dean?"
andy: "he's the guy that makes those little sausages."
me: "no, that's jimmy dean"


there is a giant whoopie cushion, a gorilla, and a 6 foot m&m playing cards in my classroom.

i love halloween.

23 October 2009

tales from friday afternoon study hall

two of my seniors have finished their homework and are reading during study hall.

one is reading about the principles of astrophysics.
the other is reading "hop on pop".

and they are both reading sections out loud, simultaneously.

chris: "did you know that if all the matter in the universe were compressed to one infintesimal point, the density would be 1 x 10^72 tons per cubic inch?"
sydney: "mr. brown. mrs. brown. mr. brown is upside down. pup up. brown down. pup is down. where is brown?"

oh, kids...

22 October 2009


a hamster in a ball showed up to my first period class today.

a hamster.

07 October 2009

a brief analysis

why i hate my job: i don't get to take sick days
why i dislike my job: kids who can't stop talking
why i like my job: kids who make me laugh
why i love my job: i can stay an extra 45 minutes after class, go to the grocery store after work, and still make it home by 5