15 March 2009

it's going to be a long night...

i am supposed to be spending my evening researching information for my military history conference paper about the marginalization of the southern theater of the revolutionary war within the dominant historical narrative.

so far, the only thing i've found out is that the busiest walmart in the world is located in rapid city, south dakota.

welcome to the procrastination center of the universe!

12 March 2009

eighth grade moments

me: "this is like being in charge of baboons."
jake: "hey, that's not a nice animal to compare me to."
chris: "it's not an animal, it's a tree."
jake: "that's bamboo, you idiot!! and it's not a tree!"

09 March 2009

i love wikipedia

there is a wikipedia article entitled "pointy hat". it chronicles the uses of pointy hats throughout human history.


04 March 2009

everyone should spend time with 15 year olds

me: "what was up with russia in world war one?"
caleb: "funny accents...and fuzzy hats."

03 March 2009

i am a dork

so after writing the title of the last post, i got curious and looked it up.

they are the 15th of march.

the ides, which the romans considered to be the day of the full moon, are the 15th of march, may, july, and october, and the 13th of every other month.

hooray wikipedia!

what are the ides of march anyway?

"what are they doing at valley forge? most are freezing their asses off and complaining about the food, but they're also drilling. then there's the militia, who get together twice a year to drink. they're like a softball team." [my always entertaining military history professor]

oh, march. how we love your schizophrenic weather. a few weeks ago, the temperatures were in the 60s. today i didn't have to go to work because of the snow. (i don't have to go tomorrow either, but that's just because the parking lot is iced over and the county won't clear it. i've been doing the happy dance since i found out.)

life is going swimmingly, albeit extremely busily. classes are in full swing. i like both of them better than the ones i took last semester, although the people in my thursday night class take themselves way too seriously. my monday people (origins of the u.s. military) are a bunch of military guys, military brats, and military wives, so it's a fairly laid-back and snarky crowd, and i love them. i've realized that i actually like being in class once i'm there, i just hate going. leaving at 7am and not getting home until 10:30pm is a long, long day.

i'm trying to get my summer internship figured out. i was going to do one for 6 credits, but then i found out it's 360 hours of work, leaving me zero time for a break this summer. so i'm going to do the less stressful 180 hours and take another 3 hour class. i really don't want to take another class, but i'm going to need a break. plus, i actually want to be able to go to the beach.

work is good. the kids continue to be unintentionally hilarious. my classroom is still barely controlled chaos most of the time. but i actually prefer it that way. they make me nervous when they're quiet. i'm also teaching spanish III now. ironic, since i don't actually speak spanish anymore. they're doing a computer program, and my main function is to make sure they aren't checking their email or playing minesweeper. but it's just funny to say that i'm the spanish teacher.

i'm now going to be completely irresponsible by making some popcorn and starting the second half of "return of the king" at 12:15am.