31 July 2006

home again, home again, jiggidy jig

so i'm back from the wedding. it was the best weekend all summer, hands down. neil, beth, trey, allan, lindsay, dan, ryan, shelly, katie, travis, chris, and i all descended on rochester. much fun was had by all. i will expound upon this when i have more time. but for now, i will say - i have the greatest friends in the world.

i've got one week until i move and officially become a real adult with a job and bills and everything.

hoo, boy.

yeah, it's a little scary.

28 July 2006

nautical adventures

i'm blogging from a starbucks. how cliche.

the week has been slightly more interesting than the past few. on sunday i went to fairfax to see people from my church up there. much fun was had by all. it was really nice to see everybody. i have known them since middle school, making them my oldest friends. monday was exciting because i got a new cell phone. hallelujah!! those of you who have spent much time with me recently will understand how important this is. due to too many times dropping my old phone down the stairs in the booth, the top of the flip phone had fallen off and was held on with white gaff tape i had colored with a black sharpie marker. very classy. then, to make it even more fun, the tape kept the phone from fitting in the charger correctly, so my method for charging the battery was to put it in the holder and hold it down with a hard-backed copy of "the once and future king" and two jumbo issues of modern bride. on wednesday we went sailing on the potomac with my sister's boyfriend. i loved it. when i figure out my life i want to live near the water so i can own a sailboat.

i am currently on my way to new york with beth and neil for the rach'n'hansasaur wedding fun. should be quite the weekend.

21 July 2006


i have a correction to make to my previous post. it was actually 99 degrees that day, not 94.


today was much better, though. i spent the afternoon lounging in and around a private pool with one of the cutest, sweetest guys i've ever known. he told me that he likes me "a whole lot" and he totally doesn't care what i look like in a bathing suit. we spent the morning together, too. we colored pinocchio, watched a "mister rogers" marathon, and i got beaten at "go fish".

yeah, so nathan happens to be four years old. he is still holding the record for the highest quality male i've hung out with since i've been home.

a note on babysitting: it is amazing to be handed a check and not to have to immediately hand half of it over to the government.

a note on mister rogers: i love that man. i love that show. i love the cardigans, the little trolley that talks in bell chimes, the freaky lady in the weird parthenon house, feeding the fish, picture picture, speedy delivery, daniel in the clock, the mouse that makes rocking chairs, the cat in the tree, king friday, the "it's such a good feeling" song, and every single other thing that makes that tv show a delight. i watched it every day from 1985 to 1989. i wish i could still watch it every day. i feel like the world would be a much nicer, friendlier, happier, less-stressed place if everyone took a half hour every day to spend with mister rogers. forget UN negotiations, bring in pbs and the cute little man in the tennis shoes.

also, after spending four years with pittsburghites and being informed very vehemently that the show was a "pittsburgh thing", i was slightly excited to realize that the sign outside the dance studio he visited said "mellon bank".

18 July 2006

the joys of the south

for those of you who know me well, you know that i am southern. my family has been living in the south for the past 350 years. it pretty much defines who i am. i love being southern. i love the south.

most of the time...

but right now IT IS TOO DAMN HOT!!

94 degrees in the shade, heat index of 104. gaahhhh. humidity, humidity, humidity. i got in the car (after opening the doors and letting it air out for a good three minutes): burned by the door, burned by the seat, burned by the seatbelt, burned by the steering wheel. i've taken to keeping mcdonald's napkins in the car to hold while i attempt to touch scalding faux leather. you don't even want to go to the pool because that involves being outside. (i just hope it doesn't reach the level it did last summer when the actual temperature was 105 and the heat index was 120. which was, of course, the same two weeks that 30,000 boy scouts descended on us for the jamboree.)

other than melting, life has been the same. just putzing around until i start work in august. i'm moving to n.c. sometime around august 10-12. i start work on the 17th. i've been baby-sitting a bit, the first time since around junior year in high school. i never knew four years olds could talk that much. i know i haven't been updating that much. blame it on 1) the lack of anything remotely interesting going on in my life, and 2) the fact that my internet access is at the library. you would think that since we live in the d.c. metro area (how sad is it that urban sprawl has spread to the point that people are commuting from 60 miles outside of the city?), we could get high speed internet. but no. because we live on a private road, which only contains three houses, mind you, we are deemed to be too far away from the dsl connection, they won't run a cable line, and my dad refuses to get satellite internet because he says it sucks. so i live in a void of information. it's worse than grove city. i scour the newspaper every day, desperate for some connection to what the heck is going on in the outside world.

oh, and i'm quite excited for the matrimonial extravaganza next week. i can't wait to see everybody.

06 July 2006

a moment, please

i am now going to take a moment to indulge in self-pity. it's my blog, i can do whatever i want:

i miss my friends. horribly. terribly. horrendously. i do not like this "graduating and moving away from everybody" thing one little bit. email and scanning blogs just doesn't cut it. i am beginning to take lonely to a new level, and i do not handle that very well. it causes me to contemplate befriending scoundrels and ne'er-do-wells.

ok, i'm done now. i was looking through facebook pictures a few minutes ago and had a sudden wash of friendlessness. also, how in the world did i miss the fabulous, insane, nutcase-caitlin-dominated photo shoot after graduation? all i can say is, i'm really looking forward to the rach'n'hansasaur wedding.

i hate not having high-speed internet at home. and having a father who only hooks up the only computer which connects to the internet at home at bizarre times. i'm currently sitting in the library, and i have approximately 13 minutes before the frazzled library worker comes to kick me off so more homeless people can check their stock portfolios.

life has been uneventful. went to busch gardens last week. much fun was had by all. we didn't do anything exciting for the 4th, just went to watch the fireworks over the rappahannock. seeing them here is a much different experience than seeing them in D.C. there's a much higher percentage of shirtless rednecks with beer cans down here. we saw some pretty amazing tattoos. i've been trying to pack stuff to send to n.c. with my parents at the end of the month. i officially move the second or third week of august. strange. i also officially have too much stuff.

i did buy a large (7 foot tall) bookcase. my first major purchase of my post-college life.