13 May 2007


while i will miss my family terribly, i want to be back in d.c. so badly that i want to scream. i can't believe i have to wait seven weeks to move. arrrgghh!

09 May 2007


here's my current problem(s):

1.) i hate teaching.
2.) i don't want to go to graduate school.
3.) my much-acclaimed, highly-lauded gcc degree is completely and utterly worthless to do anything else but teach or go to graduate school.

i completely wasted four years of my life.

04 May 2007


1 hour, 43 minutes, and 50 seconds until i get to leave this building. fridays are so long...

weird moment of the week:

every morning, before i leave the teacher parking lot, i double-check that i have locked my car doors. i am paranoid about this. if i don't double- or triple-check that they are locked, i end up running out to the parking lot at the beginning of second period to check again. the point is, my doors are always locked.

which was why it was so odd when, yesterday afternoon, i opened my car door and saw a red and gray bird call sitting on my passenger seat, resting conspicuously on top of my denim shirt and case of CDs. i have never seen this item before. i am positive i do not own one. and i was pretty confident that it hadn't been there when i left my car in the morning. nor was there any way that it could have worked its way into my bag while at home and then fallen out in the car. there is no rational explanation for how it magically appeared in my front seat. i still have no earthly idea where it came from, and i'm still very weirded out by it, because it means that a) someone somehow broke into my car (without setting of the obnoxiously loud car alarm) with the sole purpose of leaving a bird call (of all things) and didn't steal anything, or b) i have completely lost my mind and am either imagining that the bird call exists or i have forgotten that i own it.

it's bizarre.

03 May 2007


...is a beautiful number. mainly because that's how many school days until the end of the year. and it's way too many. the kids have just checked out. i've still got to get four more weeks of work out of them, and they stopped caring around easter. so i'm showing a lot of movies. which they sleep through. oh well, they're the ones who will have to repeat the course, not me.

the good news is that my roommate(s) and i have found a few apartment options. one is only $1475/month. no washer and dryer, but there is a pool and it's near the metro and the library. i am going to be living with one (possibly two) of my really good friends from high school. i'm getting so excited about moving out on my own. even if it does require ridiculously high rent payments. it'll be really nice to just do whatever i want, without having to answer to anyone. if i want a two foot pile of clothes on my bedroom floor, i'll be able to. if i want to go to the grocery store at 11pm, i can. if i want watch bad reality television, i'm going to.

it's been really hard telling everybody i'm leaving, though. i met a lot of really cool people through the community theatre, and i hate that i won't get to spend more time with them. and i got the official "we accept your resignation" letter from the school board and superintendent the other day. and the other teachers keep coming up to me and saying, "we hear you're leaving", "we're going to miss you", "why do you have to go?", etc, etc, etc. i feel like i'm letting everybody down by leaving. like they wasted all their time hiring and training me, and it all ended up being pointless. i spend a lot of time trying to justify why i'm moving to people. not that they expect it, or are even remotely hostile about it, in fact everybody has been very understanding. i just image in my head that everybody is thinking about what a waste of time it was to hire me. hopefully i'll feel better about it before i leave.

01 May 2007

highlights of my life


love it, love it, love it.

go there. it's amazing. i check it approximately four times a day. it's a blog written by two extremely flamboyant gay men about random things, and they are absolutely hilarious. my personal favorite posts are called "musical mondays", where they take old musicals (west side, easter parade, sweet charity, etc) and just rip them to shreds, making fun of all the ridiculousness that is old musicals. absolutely a riot. they have also invented Hair Harpies Cage Matches.

for project runway fans, they also have http://projectrungay.blogspot.com. also hilarious. (i would recommend going back and starting at the beginning of the archives and reading the posts in chronological order. makes more sense that way.)